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Another stupid SEO strategy: the filipino link builder who can’t write

Please note: You are welcome to read this post, but please be aware that I have accepted responsibility for the fact that it is inappropriately abusive and not written in the spirit of encouragement and edification which I would have hoped marked all my writing on this blog. I have unreservedly apologised to the targets of my criticism, and were it not for the fact that deleting blog posts doesn’t work, would wish to be able to do that with this post.

Link building. In this age of social media it still remains a key anchor of a strong SEO strategy for your blog. The rationale is really simple: search engines rank the pages of your site or blog based on a number of factors, one of the more critical ones being the number of external webpages that link to yours.

links and more links

So… we’re after links. Good ones and lost of them. And not all links are equal. But more on analyzing links in another post.

What caught my eye today was a comment I received yesterday on this post:

I am very amaze of what you post Alister. You explain everything clearly and full of informations of what people, especially marketers really need to know.

Thank you so much..

Now, people can claim to be anyone in a blog comment, so I’ll just say that this commenter purports to be “Idea Guy” with the web address of

I went over to that blog to check it out (something I will usually do if you leave me a comment), and something was immediately obvious to me: this is a caucasian male who clearly has a good command of the English language, and (from the Contact page) lives in Ontario, Canada. So it seemed immediately strange to me that his comment on my blog post was written in broken, second-rate English.

What you can’t see from the front-end of my blog is what my admin page tells me: that the IP address of this commenter is I do an RDNS lookup, a traceroute, a geo-ip lookup and all that jazz and come up with the confident fact that the commenter is in the Philippines! What the?!

So I asks myself the scary question, I does…

What would motivate this filipino dude to come to my site and post a comment on behalf of a guy in Canada?

Well you know, I just couldn’t come up with an answer that made any real sense, that didn’t to a degree incriminate Mr Stu McLaren (the Ontario Idea Guy). I also couldn’t get the search engines or (Technorati) to show me if my site was “hit” as part of a broader linking campaign that some guy in the Philippines was doing on Stu’s behalf. But I’m still really sus.

Now, I’m not saying it’s wrong per se to get someone to “ghost-write” harmless blog post comments all over the place. Lame, but perhaps not wrong. Heck, outsourced link-building campaigns are the backbone of SEO, and in that world this kind of proxy commenting would be seen as a lighter-shade of grey(hat), at most.

But hey… at the very least try to get it done to a standard where it’s not immediately obvious that it’s someone else and not you! Secondly, make sure you’re not paying more than a few cents per link for this “service” because blog comments are the lowest of the low hanging fruit, for a couple of reasons:

  1. For a start, the search engines and directories (like Technorati) don’t count the URL/link under the comment author’s name for much. Only links in the body of the post count for anything worth the trouble.
  2. To add insult to injury, many (but definitely not all) blogs these days attach a rel=”nofollow” attribute to the A tag of the link to the commenter’s website/blog, rendering it of no value in a link-building campaign. No value for any keywords that matter to you, anyway.

I don’t know why anyone would want to hand real money over to a filipino link-builder who didn’t understand those two points!

So, if you’re going to hand money over the table for a link-building campaign, here are some quick — hopefully helpful — tips:

  • Understand that a little outsourced link-building can be quite effective to push a blog or site from total obscurity (i.e. PR0 and unknown to Technorati) to a PR4, say. After that, the kinds of links these link guys will (typically) get you become less and less helpful.
  • Don’t get someone to write anything on your behalf. It’s not necessary. You write the really good content on your own blog/site and (if you can’t resist) use some outsourced link-building to get you some highly ranked inbound links from authority sites or (ahem) directories.
  • Make sure you supply the link-building dude with a selection of different pages to link to on your site, plus different permutations and combinations of text/keywords for the text of the link.
  • Screw the link-building dude down to a commitment to list for you in a report every page on which he’s secured a link, what page was linked to, and what text was used in that link.
  • Agree on a way to price the links based on their value. Pagerank is an OK guide to start with. Dot Gov and Dot Edu links score double, if they’re not dodgy student-run servers/sites.

I could go on, but hey… I don’t think too much of outsourced link-building, as a rule. I have never paid for any, myself. My opinion is that great content “sells itself”… almost! Great content needs great marketing; it’s just that I don’t think buying links is great marketing.

Now linkbait… that’s a great link-building strategy for your blog! So are the various devices of social media marketing. Go sick on the linkbait and engaging people in conversation in the relational web, and the links will largely take care of themselves.

What do you think?

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Note: Commenter website links are not no-followed, in case
you were wondering... I believe in rewarding commenters!

  1. Posted 8 years, 8 months ago // Permalink

    maybe he was drunken blogging? :)

  2. Posted 8 years, 8 months ago // Permalink


    You earned a place in my feed reader because I generally liked your content.

    But I find this specific post derogatory. I didn’t expect this kind of post from you. I’m taking you out of my feed reader.


  3. Posted 8 years, 8 months ago // Permalink

    A Google Search on that IP address reveals some more blog comments which are potential spam.

    I did a backlinks check on one of the “potentially link spam” URL’s in Yahoo (Yahoo ignores nofollow attributes) and it seemed to confirm the link spam theory.

    I had to laugh when I saw a comment which read along the lines of:

    “I really like your blog on {insert keyword}. I also have some information on {insert keyword} on my blog at {URL}”

    Autotext fields. Classic.

  4. Posted 8 years, 8 months ago // Permalink

    @James – I will be honest with you and admit that I pondered this one a while before posting it, for fear that I might be charged with hastily or wrongly accusing one or other of these guys with something unfair, but I think I was balanced enough.

    If you are filipino and feel somehow that I have generalised or suggested something about filipinos in general, then that is something I do regret, because that was not at all my intention.

    Your comment is general and doesn’t say anything specific about what caused you offence. Please do comment further if you wish, knowing I will listen to you conscientiously.

  5. Posted 8 years, 8 months ago // Permalink

    I don’t know why anyone would want to hand real money over to a filipino link-builder who didn’t understand those two points!

    I’m speculating here, but I think it’s this statement, along with the title, that makes this post come off as derogatory. There was no real need, IMO, to mention the nationality of the commenter twice (thrice if you count the RDNS lookup). Simply saying that the said person couldn’t write would have sufficed.

    On another note, the word Filipino, like American, British, or any other noun referring to a person from the country in question, should start with a capital F.

    Having said all that, I’m adding your blog to my feed reader. I think you could’ve been a little more tactful in this post, but I don’t believe it detracts from the rest of your writing.

  6. Posted 8 years, 8 months ago // Permalink


    I appreciate your comments regarding hiring a link builder.

    It definitely made me stop and rethink my strategy.

    Blogging is still relatively new to me so actually getting traffic to my blog is something I have very little understanding of at this particular time.

    However, I did learn that getting links back to my blog was a good thing (I’ve still got to invest the time to learn the difference between the types of links as you pointed out in your post).

    With that said, you should know that the person who commented on your blog for me is a girl named Bev who does work in the Philippines.

    However, her primary function for me is actually researching potential blogs and websites that would be a good fit for exchanging links.

    Posting a comment was something she did on her own initiative and I was proud that she even thought to do so because it demonstrated to me that she understood the purpose behind her research – to find quality sites to ultimately link back to us.

    With that said, I didn’t think about the “backlash” or implications you outlined in your post and they are all points definitely worth correcting on my end.

    I will say this…

    Even though I have little experience as a “pro blogger”, I did find your post unprofessional in a couple of areas.

    First, is it necessary to mention names, websites and locations when the lesson could easily be given without those details?

    Second, if it bothered you as you outlined above, then why not contact me and share your thoughts?

    Third, the main lesson I got from your post was this…

    Don’t hire someone to build relationships for you – that’s something you want to do on your own.

    Your post really has nothing to do with the fact that Bev is from the Philippines. It’s that in the end, she was making a post on my behalf and you deemed that lazy/grey-hat/not good for blogging ect.

    Ok, understood and it serves as a good lesson for a blogger newbie like myself.

    My thoughts are this – great post, good tips but no need to get personal with either myself or Bev.

    Obviously you have a tremendous amount of experience blogging so why not take a leadership role and reach out to others when you see strategies like this that don’t jive?

    I think in the end, you’d get a few more backlinks yourself :)

  7. Posted 8 years, 8 months ago // Permalink

    so, what we learned from this post?

    1. Do not say Filipino link builders are spammers because Filipino SEO understand those things behind the blog comments. It’s clear that the one who comment-spam is not SEO but traffic seeker.

    2. You can criticize someone but do not criticize all as if all are doing this stupid things.

    3. It’s true that most of the Filipino speak/write bad in English but atleast we’re trying hard to make our grammar right. But never think that all Canadian/American can write articles with good grammar because although they speak/write English but still there are those who can’t speak/write with correct grammar.

  8. Posted 8 years, 7 months ago // Permalink

    Well skirmishes like these do happen once in a while. Since Allister has made amends to any possible harm this post has done, this would pass on as a footnote to blogging and SEO history.

    A lesson from which we must all learn from.

  9. Posted 8 years, 6 months ago // Permalink

    Close one Alister. A wee bit careless, a lesson to be learned by all, but I highly commend you on leaving this post open, with mistakes scrubbed out.

  10. Chris
    Posted 8 years, 6 months ago // Permalink

    Hey Cameron,

    So as to remove the need for you to back check, I am a Filipino and in a way I can say that I have been involved with the SEO of a few known sites in the US. I do blogs mostly and I can say that my Caucasian superiors cannot be happier with the work that I am doing. For one, I write well and next I do know what I am doing. And though I made the front page of Digg and a few bookmarking sites only a few times, I guess that was enough to at least say that I can write. And yeah, I write for myself, under my own name but does represent the company.

    I think you have a great blog here, but I can say that this post carried with it a generalization that is harsh and quite unfounded. In my less than a year helping out with SEO, I have made friends with a lot of Caucasians who have been in the business of online marketing for longer periods. Some of them have in fact asked for my help in a few things such as grammar, ideas, etc.etc.

    I forwarded your post to my bosses too and though they wanted to comment on your post I told them it would be best if I do it.

    Seriously, SEO is new in the Philippines. As for information, I do not think all Filipino SEO’s do not to know the points you have mentioned above. I know about no follow and no index tags. And yes that is pretty basic.

    I have checked the comment left by this Filipina. I did not find it spammy at all. I guess she just wanted to fill the blanks. And so you will not think that I am here to get some links on your end I chose to leave that space for my site blank. I know they are not worth anything anyway.

    For a blogger who coaches other bloggers, I guess I expected you to be a little more discreet and respectful when posting names of sites, IP addresses and people. Given that the comment left was not spammy and was in fact friendly, I can say that what motivated this blog was an issue of “because we are asians”. I wouldn’t blame you if you would not welcome any asian compliments.

    I appreciate your comments though. I just hope you will be a little more careful next time man. Things like this are a big deal for a race like ours.

  11. Benmode
    Posted 8 years, 6 months ago // Permalink

    I think this is a good post. The tips, and lesson stuff. But I think you could’ve just avoided the specifics. I mean putting stupid and Filipino in a title caught brought about much of raised-brows. It’s a good bait though. Cheers to that one. Just be more tact, that’s all.

  12. Posted 8 years, 6 months ago // Permalink

    None taken.

    Im new here, your title with the words “Filipino” and “Can’t” caught my attention, and regardless if you apologized or not, I have to understand your side as well.

    I’m also used to these type of posts, “because we’re Asians”, as a professional gamer (I get paid to play), I’ve seen countless of anti-Filipino and anti-Asian comments and sentiments. I’m not saying you are being anti- or being racist, but rather, we’re better off not blogging about these things.

    I don’t know, but I have a couple of commenters who do just that and as long as they are not doing anything bad or against anyone, I leave them-be. Whatever their reason is for promoting someone else’s blog or site, it’s their purpose in life.

    But hey… don’t delete posts 😉 not-so “blogging” if you know what I mean :p

    To the rest of the Pinoys and Asians in general, just get used to it :p We’re just misunderstood by the Western world :p

  13. Filipino guy
    Posted 8 years, 2 months ago // Permalink

    I guess the point to why Filipino’s will start hating you would be because you used the word “Filipino”, why not another title.. may have been the first thing that popped-up in that little brain of yours.. think man.. We Filipinos are very Nationalistic.. Filipino is a very BIG word to use.. its like God! What was the point of this blog anyway?? What was your goal?? that Australians are more intelligent that Filipinos?? That you are more intelligent that the average Filipino?? Is this some kind of attack?? well I’d be proud to tell you that The Filipino nation will in all its power bring you down!!! ••••••••••••••••♥••••••••••••••••
    soooo.. if this were a blog.. how would you feel?? reading an article that degrades the very blood that flows in your veins.. it may have been a mistake.. but ironically.. i don’t see any wrong spellings or grammatical errors in your blog.. so think about it.

  14. Filipina
    Posted 8 years, 2 months ago // Permalink

    To: JC John SESE Cuneta

    I have to admit that I’ve got even more disturbed with your comment than that of what Alister had against us Filipinos. I mean, yes you did say you are an Asian and with your family name, I’d guess your even a Filipino too yourself! The thing is…it’s not because something is usual, you could just accept it to be right and just stay passive about it. Yes…we Filipinos receive a lot of bad criticisms about our use of the English language…that may be true…but I don’t think we just have to stop by just saying, “let it be!” Guys…I don’t know with you but I feel both sorry and challenged by this incident. I feel sorry because I’ve realized that there are some people who just accept something (in this case, an insult) without even doing something about it. I mean can’t you even just defend yourselves? My second point is that I actually felt challenged by what Alister had to say because this since-then–existing fact of Filipinos using English in a rather “substandard” way has hit me once again. Therefore, now I for a fact, plan to study and practice more so as to improve my command of the English language. However, there is still this fact that I want you, Alister to understand…the Philippines is an archipelagic nation having more than 7100 islands with which comes more than 8000 dialects being used in the different parts of the country by the “Filipinos.” I for myself had to grew up learning four languages, 2 of them being more widely used (English and Filipino) and the other 2 being minor dialects used in the country (Waray and Cebuano). Therefore…it could somehow, in one way or another, at least be understandable that some and not all Filipinos would have hard time perfecting a foreign language such as English given that their environment is actually a hybrid of cultures and dialects! My point is…maybe you first have to consider and understand factors such as these before you do a hasty generalization about every Filipino that has ever lived in this world!

  15. Posted 8 years, 1 month ago // Permalink

    @Filipina – Thank you for your thoughtful comment. A great addition to this discussion (which I thought was over!)…

    I guess the challenge for any nation like the Philippines, in this Global Economy, is to take a hold of the challenge with grit and clenched fists, knowing that it will always be a tremendous fight for the “developing nations”, but one well worth fighting. In the case of your nation, as far as language goes, you have all the respect you deserve for the reasons you mention. (I am tri-lingual but I know just how awful my second and third languages are, compared to my first – no arguments there.)

    So as far as attitude goes, you have it right: these “criticisms” like mine need to be taken positively by mature people… as an opportunity to grow, to aim for higher, to resolve our determination to be better!

    I therefore see the use of sub-standard English by Filipinos (or anyone else) who are offering outsourced SEO as a lose-lose scenario! The client loses because he gets “found out” by people like me, and because his business is done a disservice by being unpleasantly represented by this bad language. And the service supplier is equally badly served, because their reputation will be tarnished and they will not get the repeat business… the client will go elsewhere next time.

    Goodness, this outsources SEO “hack-work” market is at the “low-end” of the SEO business where there is a lot of competition from nations in the “developing world”. Surely you can all see that the determiner of your success may well include, as a key, the quality of your English?!

    So Philippines, Indonesia, Belarus, Uganda, wherever… take pride in your product. Challenge yourselves internally to rise to the challenge of being a dominant player in these supply “industries” and DO IT WELL! If you don’t someone else will… probably India!

  16. carlos
    Posted 8 years, 1 month ago // Permalink

    No prob, really. Just another self-righteous dude out to tell the world how great (righteous) he is. I’ve seen this kind of species a lot of times, and its usually harmless. Just don’t keep pricking it and make it more agitated. Let its steam die out.

  17. expatriate
    Posted 7 years, 11 months ago // Permalink

    well, yea…thats about right. I live in the Phils now and yes, it is possibly the least intelligent country I have ever been in. The best advice given to me was to never call a filipina ‘stupid’…which is a good idea since they get PISSED and get to screaming and yelling. But the truth is that their universities here are jokes. No wonder they get sensitive, they just learned to be masters of cell-phone texting and somehow think they are intellectual equals with the rest of the world because of it. Please, please…never get any medical or dental work done here. I made that mistake 3 times – never again will I do it.

  18. Filipina SEO Writer
    Posted 7 years, 9 months ago // Permalink

    I got to this post accidentally and I haven’t read the entire thing. The mere fact that a Filipino was criticized for such a tiny bit of issue irritated me.

    Alister, I assume you are aware of the fact that many companies are outsourcing their workforce here in the Philippines – call centers, websites and others. This is due to another fact that Filipinos use the English language as a second language.

    Thanks to your American ancestors who invaded our country we learned how to speak, read and write in English. Now for this tiny bit of issue, and as other posts have stressed, there are those who have inadequacies when it comes grammar and spelling. Not only Filipinos, but everyone who are trying to speak, read and write the English language- a language that is not native to one’s own tongue and mother land.

    Your post is plainly offensive and racist in a way. I just hope you’ll re-read what you are writing and think twice before you post. This is not the job of a good SEO writer or blogger. It is purely lambasting whoever or whatever you feel like lambasting.

  19. Posted 7 years, 9 months ago // Permalink

    @Filipina SEO Writer – You should have read the entire thing, starting with the big fat top box that explains my apology. You should also have worked out that I am Australia, and have no American ancestors. Nor do I have Spanish ancestors, who also taught you to speak Spanish (and gave you Roman Catholicism, which you mixed with traditional animistic beliefs), but that’s beside the point.

    My point in this post was to highlight a VERY BAD blogging practice, of outsourcing commenting to a 3rd party, much less someone who cannot adequately fake your command of the English language.

    Anything about the Philippines — or Filipino people — was ENTIRELY parenthetical to my main point. Had the person in this particular case been Russian, Nigerian, or Texan (!), then in the mood I was in at the time, they would have appear in the title and body of this post.

    I do SINCERELY hope you and other readers here will get that point, which I have repeatedly stated and don’t want to have to say again.


  20. Posted 7 years, 8 months ago // Permalink

    SEO is not just by being crawl by search Engine… SEO is a Technique and you don’t have any idea why some people comment on blogs and drop links it is not because the search engine counts them but it is because it will add traffics to their blogs or sites. So you can’t say that this certain Filipino guy or this Canadian owner of the blog is a dumb @ss. You didn’t know their intention in the first place… so don’t judge without researching thoroughly on this topic… and I may say you are no SEO expert so I think your SEO thingy topic is not credible.

    What would you think if this Canadian guy handed the work to an American? will you whine more than you whine about this Filipino guy? or just shut your Chicken @ss mouth and let the topic go by?

  21. Posted 7 years, 5 months ago // Permalink

    It would hurt any Filipino writer or link builder to read about this post, particularly over the misleading title that deliberately associates Filipino link builders with a stupid SEO strategy.

    True, an incomprehensible comment such as that one posted by the link builder deserves a bit of reproach but the way Filipino link builders are seemingly labeled as terribly inarticulate and singled out in this post would come about as offensive and even discriminatory in a way.

    Well, these are lessons to learn from both sides, though I would like to commend you on your link building tips.

  22. Posted 7 years, 5 months ago // Permalink

    Wow! You really got the some Pinoy bloggers pissed off and leaving comments up to last week! Even with poor English language that Filipinos would really talk and stand up to a write up like this… I just could not resist leaving something to say…

    Have you ever thought that:
    – maybe the IP address was spoofed or the server happened to sit in the Philippines
    – maybe that commenter really lives in Canada and happened to be on a vacation with some relatives in the Philippines
    – maybe he decided to get a Filipino web host than going for the likes of GoDaddy (it’s a lot cheaper)
    – a host of other things that network administrators know better than we do

    I really think that tracing the IP address to where that comment came from should not be taken at face value.

    Oh, the commenter was grateful for the information that you had provided so far!!!

  23. Posted 7 years, 4 months ago // Permalink

    wow! you got yourself an audience by commenting about “filipinos” congratulations! I guess yeah… you have made a mistake with the title “the filipino link builder who can’t write” and by writing “was written in broken, second-rate English”

    but no matter how you apologize, you have already hurt a lot of peoples’ feelings, i guess the whole FILIPINO NATION’s feelings…

    we filipinos make a fun out of our fellow filipinos at times, but coming from a caucasian like you, it will hurt most filipinos to read an “un-called for” comment to a seemingly friendly comment that you got from a “FILIPINO”…

    filipinos are a hard audience to please, so you should even thank that commenter, for she appreciated your writing.. even if she may not speak or write perfect english like you claim to be, well, point is, she’s just doing her job, and not ought to be treated like she’s a good for nothing!

    so! to correct you:
    So I asks myself the scary question, I does…
    ( what?!! what do you mean “I does” ????) you should have written “So I asked myself the scary question…”

    What would motivate this filipino dude to come to my site and post a comment on behalf of a guy in Canada?
    (What would motivate this filipino dude to come to my site and post a comment “in” behalf of a guy from Canada?)

    It would have been better if you wrote:

    What would motivate this filipino dude to come to my site and post a comment on a Canadian guys’ behalf?

    just some basic english i learned from school.

  24. masterofthe
    Posted 7 years, 4 months ago // Permalink

    bad language or even grammar doesn’t necessarily mean bad SEO and bad link builders or bad writers…because if you are a good reader yourself, you’d understand.

    my question is..would you put your career (just as you pre-judged filipino..s can’t write) on the line that you being as what you want us to see that you have 100% pure good content with perfect grammar in all of your blogs? I mean all of your blogs? or even just this one? Hmmm I doubt it!

    and the title….Who’s anyone of us to say, more so, you,,,, that such SEO tactic or SEO strategy is STUPID? do you do perfect SEO? Well… congratulations!! YOU MUST BE THE ONLY ONE.

    isn’t SEO is here because we all are but a dust in the pie when matters of SEO is on the line? How can you seem so authoritative and 100% in your title that a friendly (ok, wrong grammar) blog comment can be a stupid SEO strategy?

    nah, it’s no use asking or explaining things…you can’t even understand words written wrong with errors in grammar but with a good friendly intention.

    “my apologies” just can’t help knowing that nobody’s PERFECT.

  25. Posted 7 years, 2 months ago // Permalink

    Did you know that your post here reach many Phils based forums.
    Well its right that some link builder are careless but i hope you understand the message.

    For in the Philippines, we have thousands of languages and we do not care who’s language it came from as long as understand the meaning.

  26. Posted 7 years, 2 months ago // Permalink

    sigh. i’m yet another filipino commenter, made aware of this post thanks to google and the search phrase, “pinoy seo.”

    so what can i say. a lot’s already been mentioned previously (way, way previously since this post’s from march of 2007). i don’t usually comment on anything more than a week old, but i find that i’m unable to help myself.

    i do find the original post derogatory. i agree that there was no need to highlight the commenter’s nationality as this should have been irrelevant to the post’s thesis.

    it does look rather mean, focusing on the commenter’s mistakes in grammar, when the meat of the comment itself is, while not uber substantial, still what appears to be a good faith effort at a true comment, not to mention one that praises your work.

    i’m not saying that one should not criticize those who praise you, but this seemed a little too much.

    also, there was no need to post the ip address. that was completely unnecessary, as pointed out by another previous comment.

    i do appreciate the fact that, at the top of the post, you acknowledge that parts of your post were inappropriate. i cannot go so far as to commend you though as i do feel indirectly slighted.

    a truly unfortunate instance here. nobody wins with a post like this. everybody loses.

  27. Posted 7 years, 2 months ago // Permalink


    You missed my point kababayan. What I was simply saying is that, we should keep ourselves from getting emotionally ‘hot’ and start a word war. Let’s be objective instead of being subjective. I never said anywhere in my reply that we should ‘not’ defend ourselves, or we should forget about our “Philippine-English” literacy, the pride of our country being the ‘most perfect’ English in the world (it is sad if you do not know that).

    Filipina: it’s not because something is usual, you could just accept it to be right and just stay passive about it

    I never said ‘accept it to be right’ or ‘stay passive about it’ indirectly or directly.

    Filipina: Yes…we Filipinos receive a lot of bad criticisms about our use of the English language…

    I do not know that. In fact from my experience, Filipinos are praised most of the time for showing a good command of his English. I am a gamer, though in Filipino standards my English far from ‘right’, but in their (Western world) standard, they are already amazed with it. I and many other Filipinos experienced it and were give praises by the native English speakers in the Western world. So I do not know about where we are getting “a lot of bad criticisms about our use of the English language”.

    Filipina: I feel sorry because I’ve realized that there are some people who just accept something (in this case, an insult) without even doing something about it. I mean can’t you even just defend yourselves?

    Personally, I do not find it insulting. I read it objectively and I know there are (some) truths behind it. If I read it subjectively, then I will be insulted. Do NOT get me wrong, I am NOT defending him NOR am I attacking my own Filipino race, but I believe this is his blog and he was simply explaining what he found out and what his PoVs are. If this was an article from a non-blog site like major news, then it is a different story.

    I take blogs as a virtual one-to-one communication channel. If he was speaking in-front of us in a casual environment and discussion, would you be insulted? Not me, I will listen, digest, analyze objectively what he was saying then I’ll have my reaction and conclusion. But if he was saying it loudly, shouting, loud speakers, megaphone, walking the streets and telling every individual about his findings, then that is a different story.

    That is how I view blogs – a virtual one-to-one communication of one’s own ideas and PoVs.

    Filipina, not because we did not write something like “you #)^(*#(* racist #()%*#(” does it mean we are being passive and just accepting it as ‘right’, especially if we have no idea who the person is and what the person has been doing to uplift the Filipino race in the International scene.

    Thank you very much and God Bless.

  28. Posted 7 years, 2 months ago // Permalink

    is this your way in making your blog more popular?
    (attacking a Filipino link builder)
    racist strategy hmmm?

  29. Posted 7 years, 2 months ago // Permalink

    I do not want to comment on your writing, but thing is for sure that good content sells itself.

  30. Posted 6 years, 11 months ago // Permalink

    hey im searching some filipino and i found this, im a Filipino too but as a blogger some amateur they do that so we cant judge them as like that. many bloggers do that too, its not all filipino or other country.

  31. Posted 6 years, 11 months ago // Permalink

    I got this link from an SEO guy, apparently he's a Filipino. I am, too. But I don't feel any abhorrence like he does. However, not having that kind of emotion do not and will not keep me from saying a few things here.

    First, I would have to agree with Hope Taylor that you got yourself a great audience there. This is probably one of your most viewed (and maybe, one of your most commented) posts. I would have to agree with Elber too that you could've been more discreet. You should've known that some of us would take it against you (I think you knew that all along because you had to apologize yourself). It appears that this is more of a racial discrimination to some of us rather than the issue of a backlinker or someone who cannot write at all. It's like saying Filipinos are stupid. Do you see the difference? It's probably not your goal but that's how others see it.

  32. Posted 6 years, 11 months ago // Permalink

    Let me add something that my fellow Filipinos failed to mention. Not all Filipinos do not and cannot speak/write the English language fluently. In fact, most of us are better than Caucasians that I've known. The fact that call centers were put up in our country (not only because of the so-called "cheap" labor) but because Caucasians trust the quality of work that they get from "us" here.

    One more thing, not all SEO experts/link builders can write. I've known a lot of people who are good in that field but cannot speak the English language well. That saddens me but I think this is the reason why some SEO experts work with writers. Your advice/tips regarding SEO are indeed helpful. Unfortunately, the Filipino word became the main focus especially that you already stated it in the title.

  33. Posted 6 years, 11 months ago // Permalink

    Now that you mentioned about grammar… I noticed you committed the same mistakes too. Not just once.

    "So I asks myself the scary question, I does… " (please check if this is really right)

    "You should also have worked out that I am Australia, and have no American ancestors. Nor do I have Spanish ancestors, who also taught you to speak Spanish (and gave you Roman Catholicism, which you mixed with traditional animistic beliefs), but that's beside the point."

    (you are an Australian, but cannot be an Australia. You could've said you're an Aussie)
    – Nevertheless, I'll give you a benefit of the doubt. You probably just committed it by accident. But remember to check your grammar first before you scrutinize others.

  34. Posted 6 years, 10 months ago // Permalink

    We can absolutely trust offshore outsourcing as a winning offer, which has widened its horizon to ITO, BPO, Software R&D and KPO. No doubt offshore outsourcing is a win-win game! We advise everyone related to IT field to bump into the magnetizing world of offshore outsourcing to maximize the gains.

  35. john doe
    Posted 6 years, 10 months ago // Permalink

    “So… we’re after links. Good ones and lost of them.” …..Lost of them?? Hum…It seems to me like your the one that needs to brush up on their English… he’s Filipino..whats your excuse??

  36. Posted 6 years, 9 months ago // Permalink

    I think there is no rule for this as long you don’t hurt the other and you have a quality articles. If you build a blog. must be very useful to everyone who one’s to read. If you share information must be ethical and responsible way of delivering of information.

    As a Filipino to share information I think is a useful thing to use our very own language Tagalog you can express what you really mean to others.

    Thanks for your information regarding the Filipino SEO strategy.

  37. mollerise
    Posted 6 years, 8 months ago // Permalink

    God. I typed “are writers linkbuilders too?” and look what I found instead…

    If you think your grammar is a bit suspect – do what you can to improve it. Reading Alister’s post somehow made me think of other Pinoys who, unfortunately, are too sensitive to even read this kind of post to the point of attempting to raise their deflated egos caused by a fault that IS innate in us Filipinos.

    “Another stupid SEO strategy: the filipino link builder who can’t write”

    It was clear that Alister did NOT generalize Filipinos on this one. Also, there are loads of things to worry about here in the Philippines than what the title has. Seriously.

    Apparently, we Filipinos tend to assume; and assuming can cause a misunderstanding or two, like what happened (and it still is happening!) in here.

    Nothing wrong with defending yourselves, but please.

    Now, if you can’t stand being nitpicked by foreigners about your grammar – go back to reading your elementary textbooks in Reading and English : ) Or just continue reading the thread until you get to score impossibly high in grammar 101.

  38. Posted 6 years, 6 months ago // Permalink

    Alicam, I’m filipino but I still love you.

    Will take more than this post to remove you from my lists 😉

  39. Posted 6 years ago // Permalink

    I wonder what really made you write this article when the comment was generally nice?
    You said it was written in broken English but so what? As long as people are polite and show respect, does it really matter?
    If I were a link builder who can’t write but can get an EXCELLENT job done, would it still matter?

  40. Posted 5 years, 11 months ago // Permalink

    Google started this whole link as a vote and page rank gold rush. They could end it at any time they wanted. they have semantic technology now that makes our links obsolete anyway. Just waiting for the day.

  41. Posted 5 years, 5 months ago // Permalink

    This article should serve as a wake-up call to outsourcing companies in 3rd world companies and to the Philippine Educational System.

    As for cheap-ass companies that think that outsourcing is a low-priced way to get what you want, well, you get what you pay for!


  42. Posted 5 years, 4 months ago // Permalink

    Hmmm well at some point sensitive Filipinos would really be hit hard on this post.

    I’m a Filipino myself but I don’t find it hard-hitting. We do have our faults. We just have to understand where the author is coming from in proving a point with blog commenting and outsourcing cheap labor to do it for you.

    If we give our services with quality and top-notch skills, they would probably pay us more, don’t you think? Just get the lesson that you can out of this and move on.

  43. Posted 5 years, 4 months ago // Permalink

    If there’s one piece of advice I would give anyone… it’s do not get involved in any schemes, at all. SEO and mastering search engines rankings is really only about good content. Master that and market it effectively and you will have everything you need. If the chicken is good content and the egg is backlinks, I really do think the chicken comes before the egg! :)

    Great post, I receive about 100 spam comments a day on my blog, I may start checking them out in more detail.

  44. Posted 5 years, 3 months ago // Permalink

    Maybe it’s your title that hit us hard. Putting “stupid” and “filipino” in your title is way to much for us Filipinos. You can’t deny the fact that your post is derogatory to us Filipinos. We are a proud race.

    I know Australian history by the way.

    “Australia was long used as a dumping ground for criminals, bankrupts, and other undesirables from the British Isles. ”

  45. cameron
    Posted 4 years, 10 months ago // Permalink

    I think Alister’s point here is, hire someone who can write English correctly especially if that person will represent another. He said it is not his intention to degrade Filipinos. I think his post is to show us how important marketing is. And how one’s writing skills can affect the image of a company. This is not the first blog I have seen which says something about how Filipinos write. Even some of our countrymen working in the marketing field complain how bad we write in English nowadays.

    Basic grammar rules such as parallelism, words without s (ex.information, furniture) and proper tenses are not present in the comment.

    I am a Filipino and I have to admit that I, too, was hurt when this was posted. Not because I feel we were humiliated by Alister, but because it takes another foreigner to tell us that we should improve instead of us criticising ourselves and our fellow-men for our betterment.

    We are not native English speakers. For some, even learning the language is tough. We are aware of the common mistakes we make when we write in English. The sad thing is, nobody even tries to correct them.

    This should be an eye-opener not only for Filipino people in marketing, but also for educators, scholars and intellectual Filipinos that there is something that should be done for us to improve our writing skills in English and Filipino (some of us are not even versed in our own national language).

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