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As a Blog Coach (or Consultant) it is my job to laser-focus all my experience and skill to the task of making your determined venture into blogging a raging success. With the approach of an Internet Marketing Consultant, my blog coaching strategy integrates a number of key priorities:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Blog Writing Skills
  • Monetizing Your Blog
  • News-gathering and Research Methodology
  • Joint-Venture Development and Affiliations
  • Link-building Strategies and Viral Marketing
  • And much more…

A Blog Coach who is committed to your success

Although I always start my client engagements with my 30 Questions, it gets very personal and specific from there… because no two bloggers have the same needs or circumstance, and nor do I want to push anyone through a cookie-cutter “program”. Instead, I will listen to you and your objectives as hard as I can, listening for your natural passions, and then I’ll work with you on a plan to grow your blog and develop your blogging skills… a plan that is achievable, but will really stretch you.

If you ask me who my ideal client is, I’d say it’s someone (or a group) who is already passionate about something but hasn’t yet cracked the code on profitable, sustainable, successful blogging, and yet is fully convinced that blogging is a key component of their business plan, moving forward. I like to express it this way: I take offline experts and make them expert bloggers!

Contact me to get the ball rolling. Hey, I’m a really approachable guy. And if I don’t think I’m the best Blog Coach for you, I’ll definitely say so.

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