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January 2006 // Archive

I got 28!

This is a simple sort of Mensa test. I got 28. Apparently that makes me a genius. After about an hour while watching TV. But now it’s time to go to bed and I can’t get the last few. Drop me a comment if you can work out the one’s I’m stumped on: 20, 28, […]

I love SpamBayes.

I’ve had SpamBayes installed for about a year now and I love it. The only thing I wish is that it interfaced with the Outlook native whitelist/blacklist feature, which I don’t think it does. But anyway, if you have a problem with spam and want a FREE and high-quality filter, then I recommend it wholeheartedly. […]

David Allen has been reading my mind.

Ok, is David Allen perving in on my life? You can do anything – but not everything. This is an article in FastCompany, one of my favourite mags. It’s just SO spot on for me that I’m really freaked out by it. I’ve been blaming my lack of productivity, overall frazzledness with life, and general […]

Emerson on celebration

Tom Asacker quotes Emerson… and don’t we all need to hear this again and again. Ponder it: To laugh often and love much; to win and hold the respect of intelligent persons and the affection of little children; to earn the approval of honest critics and to endure without flinching the betrayal of false friends. […]

Xinha here! Brilliant Firefox extension

This is really brilliant and I don’t know why someone didn’t think of it sooner. It’s a Firefox extension that on-the-fly lets you convert any plain textbox on any website into a rich-text-editor. Unreal! Makes dropping comments into other people’s blogs (if they allow some HTML) a whole lotta fun! Their site’s intro: Xinha Here! […]

I love this site.

This is really really nice. It pushes all my designer buttons. A+ design and nice touches like rollover text anchor colour changes, etc.

Christians reaching out to the porn crowd…/x3church_in_veg.html This is awesome. I am so impressed by these guys. It almost brings me to tears. These people are on the frontlines, trying to rescue folks from the most awful imprisonment: addiction to porn and working in the porn industry. I can’t think of anything more spirit-destroying that all-day porn. God bless these guys.

Inane things to do when really bored, Part 1

Ok maybe it’s just me, maybe there’s something in the water down here or something, but I have a range of strange/creative things I like to do, or turn to, when bored or needing an “insanity break”. Today I begin a series of occasional posts revealing my silliness, with the first of my insane things […]

Prototype.js + Scriptaculous in one file under 50Kb!

OK. Call me anal or something but I don’t like the way coders so frequently leave “fat” in their javascript. Which might be fine if everyone was on a T1 line or something, but they’re not and we need to be nice and thoughtful and stuff. To that end, I’ve gone to the trouble of […]

It’s 2006. I’m back. I’m blogging.

Well it’s 2006 and I have to get back to blogging. I used to. I think can prove that! Bummer that I chose a blogging platform that died in the mouth big time. Bummer also that I’ve changed my personal domain three (even four) times! Not an SEO strategy I recommend. Anyway, I’m here, […]

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