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Inane things to do when really bored, Part 1

Ok maybe it’s just me, maybe there’s something in the water down here or something, but I have a range of strange/creative things I like to do, or turn to, when bored or needing an “insanity break”.

Today I begin a series of occasional posts revealing my silliness, with the first of my insane things to do when really bored: thumb through the Whitepages looking for the longest surname.

I’ve spent hours at boring dinner parties doing this, or at parties for one of my kids where I’ve had to come along for the ride. See, it’s great coz there’s always a Whitepages directory around somewhere, and it’s so voluminous, you can never be sure another quick perusal won’t reveal another Sri Lankan gem… and while I’m not prepared yet to reveal the longest name I’ve found in the Melbourne Whitepages, I am prepared to acknowledge that yes, the Sri Lankans are definitely in front!

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