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May 2006 // Archive

Spammers are not the smartest people.

I was checking thru my spam folder in Outlook before killing those emails for good. Sometimes there’s a false positive in there. 6,000+ emails to glance thru so I wasn’t being too fastidious. Anyway, I know that spammers have ways to fake emails and generate different versions and such. One thing they do is generate […]

dLook – what I’ve been doing this past month!

Check out… which largely explains all my “billable hours” for the last month or so. I am responsible for the logo and site design, UI and online copy. Usability too, to the extent that I have had a chance to focus on that at all. I am looking forward to heaps more time to […]

Wantirna Primary School website is (almost) live

Met with the wonderful Marketing Team at Wantirna Primary School last night. They’re a great bunch of committed parents and teachers. Anyway the website is live and will be “launched” in a few weeks after they’ve become more comfy with WordPress, etcetera. Go check it out!

Pat’s photo album is online.

Karen’s mum Pat passed away in late February. I have been experimenting with Flickr and now WordPress integration. I like what I see with the Silar Partners Photoalbum Plugin by Joe Tan. So this is partly a test of that and also to let you know that photos that were included in the DVD presentation […]

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