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Spammers are not the smartest people.

I was checking thru my spam folder in Outlook before killing those emails for good. Sometimes there’s a false positive in there. 6,000+ emails to glance thru so I wasn’t being too fastidious.

Anyway, I know that spammers have ways to fake emails and generate different versions and such. One thing they do is generate random firstname/lastname combinations, so that all their emails go out from (apparently) different people.

Well, the one I saw today just made me laughs so hard. Who supposedly wrote me an email offering me great prices on erectile disfunction drugs? Wait for it…

Fallopian P. Snapdragons!

Yes, none other. I’m still giggling. What idiots are these spammers? Is there anything wrong with real names? Who comes up with this crap?!?!

Wonder if he’s a mate of Hitchhikers G. Hussy?

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