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Were the ’80s good for you too, baby?!

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Ooh Mr Policeman, what a BIG Hummer you have…

Just when you thought America couldn’t get more bizarre… in a lovable rogue kind of way… they give their police Hummers. Coz of their tight cornering, I’m sure. This from the Gizmag article: German automotive performance house Geiger specialises in American cars and outrageous one-offs, and is hence accustomed to unusual customer requests. So the […]

Over 240 Art Katz sermons!

Thanks Rich Adams for putting me onto this… over 240 sermons in MP3 format, by Art Katz. Art has (always had) a powerful prophetic gift and the for-real call of a prophet too… whatever a prophet is and has… he’s the full kit! Note to self… get lost in this sermon archive some time real […]

Organic Church, by Neil Cole

Organic Church: Growing Faith Where Life Happens is the latest and greatest book by Neil Cole. I got Steve Addison to (very kindly) bring it back with him from the States, so I don’t know if it’s available locally or not. Anyway, it’s awesome. There is so much I’d like to say about it. It’s […]

Martin Luther’s hatred of Jews… I’m shocked.

I have never really researched Luther all that closely, but at the very least he is always promoted as a key father of the Reformation, etc. He make a hero of him in many way, and one would thing with good reason. Justification by faith, Sola Scritura and all that. But what I was horrified […]

Google Maps, Taglocity

Couple of quick techie things for today. Firstly, I noticed that Google Maps has improved things in our neck of the woods, finally. Here is church, for example. And here is the freeway going thru near my house. It’s still not as good res as say, San Francisco, but then it’s still good enough to […]

How I would love to see this for real…

I dunno how far away a 3D desktop like this might be… but I want it! It’s absolutely brilliant!

Church After Christendom

This is the book I mentioned the other day, by Stuart Murray, an Anabaptist from the UK. Makes a nice companion volume to Shaping by Hirsch/Frost. Church After Christendom (After Christendom) christianity, church, missions

Darren Rowse is impressing me no end!

Here’s the guy who is doing what I never managed to… make a handsome living out of blogs. Now I realise that that was never my call, but for a while I had aspirations. Meet Darren Rowse… one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. He’s over at In real life he lives up […]

Sigma SD10 digital camera with FireWire and without

I am astonished. I had given up on this camera, which I purchased a few months back from Not because of the camera, but because of the software, which was impossible to use. Until I tried it with FireWire. The difference between USB and FireWire on this particular camera is the difference between something […]

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