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Google Maps, Taglocity

Couple of quick techie things for today.

Firstly, I noticed that Google Maps has improved things in our neck of the woods, finally.

Here is church, for example. And here is the freeway going thru near my house. It’s still not as good res as say, San Francisco, but then it’s still good enough to make out cars and individual housing lots, etc. That’s fine for now!

I’m actually meeting with someone next week from the company that gave Google the geospacial data for Australia… we’ll be talking about stuff like that for another project… will be interesting to see what happens out of that.

On another note, I joined the beta program for Taglocity today. The app, as says the website, “allows you to tag your content from within Microsoft Outlook. Tagging helps you find things more easily, organize a lot of information and to communicate more clearly to others – all without complex rules or a new way of working.”

In theory, this takes the big plus that everyone raves about in gMail, and adds it to Outlook – tagging. If Taglocity can do it well, it will add great value to the app. What worries me is that Microsoft would be silly not to be thinking just the same thing. If tagging is what has so clearly endeared gMail to a lot of its most faithful users, MS would be silly not to at least give it some very careful thought…

Teglocity will be out of beta soon, I assume, and a commercial product. So far I have worked out it will take more time than I presently have to set up tagging on the emails I already have… so I will at least try and work tagging into my management of new incoming mail. Stay tuned for progress.

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  1. Brent
    Posted 12 years, 11 months ago // Permalink

    Happy Birthday mate 🙂

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