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Over 240 Art Katz sermons!

Thanks Rich Adams for putting me onto this… over 240 sermons in MP3 format, by Art Katz.

Art has (always had) a powerful prophetic gift and the for-real call of a prophet too… whatever a prophet is and has… he’s the full kit!

Note to self… get lost in this sermon archive some time real soon!


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    I was referred to Arthur Katz by a friend who wanted to contact him. Do you know his email address and also his postal address? It would be appreciated if you let me know these details.

    I value your feedback which may help us do God’s work better. I am inviting Christians for fellowship and to form a group so that we can help others. If we can work together to find committed Christians who are definitely led by God, they could help our ministry enormously. Please let me know of anyone you know that is obviously supernaturally led and helped by God, as in the other letter I am about to send you.

    You are welcome to work with me. It would be good to be able to form community groups to share the truth and help people. The below websites have some ideas on how it could be done so that we will be better off.

    I have a number of websites and ideas linked to that you may not have seen. Any feedback is welcome because it will help me make improvements.

    Do you want to swap links?

    I also have a letter that you can share with people you email if they could be interested in the subject. It should help us to find people that can help us.
    I will send this letter on a separate email after sending this message. I am wondering what you and other people think of the letter, and if you have any suggestions that would encourage people to read and share it? I am prepared to negotiate changes.

    Any comments on the websites linked to will be appreciated.

    Your help is appreciated
    Regards Richard

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    Hi Alister,
    Was browsing around the net for more on Art Katz when I came by your site. Thanks for putting the info on the 240 sermons by Katz. That’s a treasure. I was the publisher for Art Katz when he was in Singapore in 2001 and still have a collection of his books available from my website He’s one of those rare servants of God, full of fire on the pulpit but a gentle man full of love with those he meets one to one. I truly do miss him.

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