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August 2006 // Archive

Windows Live Writer (beta)

I’ve posted this and my last post tonight with the brand new Windows Live Writer, which may well end up making life a tad harder for the sundy WinXP-based blog tools I have used, like w.bloggar. So far, so OK. It’s an early Beta… what can I say. But it’s good to see MS doing […]

Picasa Webalbums

Got into the closed beta for Picasa Webalbums, which took all of a day! It gives you a different version of Picasa and 250Mb of online space, which is paltry, compared to what Google give you with Gmail. But that’s OK… they’re competing with Flickr, and I get the comparison. So I’m testing, and below […]

Meebo me when you drop by!

I have been using the Meebo aggregated IM client for a while. I like it. It’s simple, stable and it works well. Sure it doesn’t have all the sexiness of the individual clients, but it’s sure a lot simpler to use, and that’s a good thing. Now Meebo have come up with Meebo Me which […]

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