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Meebo me when you drop by!

I have been using the Meebo aggregated IM client for a while. I like it. It’s simple, stable and it works well. Sure it doesn’t have all the sexiness of the individual clients, but it’s sure a lot simpler to use, and that’s a good thing.

Now Meebo have come up with Meebo Me which is a widget you can embed into your webpage, that allows a website visitor to IM you directly. There have been other versions of this… I played around with HumanClick many moons ago, and LivePerson was something like that too.

These were huge my comparison, allowing for full help-desk type services, with multiple customer service staff handling multiple in-bound calls at the same time, with canned responses, webpage-push technology, etc.

I wouldn’t want Meebo to bother with any of that, except maybe the webpage-push idea. That was (and is) very cool. But they have some big work on their plate as is, just to ensure that what they have now remains stable and scalable.

Good on them, so far. I am impressed.

Give it a go, at right, if you wish. But if I get too overwhelmed with people hassling me… I’ll have to change my status. When I work out how to do that 🙂

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