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Why I’m not into martial arts…

Not everyone doing martial arts is a Mr Miyagi cool cucumber superhero! [gv data=””][/gv] martial art, karate, stupid, fools, sillyness, video, youtube

Microsoft giving away a Photoshop clone for FREE (plus 150 other apps!)

Microsoft has a TON of stuff you can download for free. In some cases you need to go thru that whole validation thing to prove you’ve got a real version of their O/S, but otherwise their plain vanilla free downloads. One of their apps I was particularly impressed with is Paint.Net. I haven’t downloaded it […]

I hate registering .AU domains!

I have now tried THREE TIMES to register the same domain with NameScout (coz they’re cheap). Each of the first two times they’ve rejected it because I entered something incorrectly in the registration process. So, a warning to people in my predicament… good luck working out how it’s done, because there is no good […]

10 Things to make or break your website

AUblog lists 10 Things that will make or break your website. And I think they’re well worth the read. The comments on that post debate point #2 (Visual design and copy are extremely important) and I side with the author completely, although I can’t say I have always been diligent enough to start with the […]

PlanPlus from Franklin Covey gets a new look.

I’ve been using PlanPlus from Franklin Covey for a few years. It’s based on someone else’s product and has finally been updated (a little) to version 4. If you’re terminally wedded to Outlook (as I am) and you’re keen to make the most of the Covey Productivity System (7 Habits and all that…) then I […]

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