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The Blogologist speaking at Wordcamp Melbourne 2007

This is Yours Truly speaking at Wordcamp Melbourne 2007. Many thanks to the team at EightBlack for the recording and putting it online. Simon Chen, CEO, says some extraordinarily generous things about me on that page…! My session focussed on “evangelising” the Sandbox Theme, which is a special favourite of mine, as an obsessed web […]

Australia’s next Prime Minister caught on camera eating ear wax

Australia’s Federal elections are just a few weeks away… If the pre-election polls are anything to believe, this is the hon. Kevin Rudd, Australia’s next (?!) Prime Minister – that’s like the President, dear American friends!. Don’t they feed parliamentarians properly in Canberra?! What amazes me is he would have know the cameras were rolling… […]

Are your electoral details correct?

A timely reminder from Aussie blogger and Greens candidate Neerav Bhatt to make sure you’ve got your electoral details up to date. You have only days left to be sure. voting, elections, australian elections, john howard, kevin rudd, electoral role

WordCamp Melbourne scheduled for Saturday November 17th

News just in from James Farmer that WordCamp Melbourne is good to go! It’s scheduled for Saturday November 17th and all the details are here. Oooh… can’t wait! wordpress, wordcamp, melbourne, australia

Australian Government has it wrong on content filtering

Helen Coonon spends bazillions on desktop content filters, and a 16 year-old kid posts YouTube videos showing kids how to get around them all, when the real solution could never have been anything less than gateway-based, or ideally but problematically, ISP-based. watchguard, helen coonan, isp filtering, content filtering, internet porn, porn filtering, tom wood, australian […]

Life’s toughest questions get answered

My church is blogging. And it’s a smart approach: combining a dedicated blog with a specific teaching series on Life’s Toughest Questions. If it works a treat I might do a case study on it some time. crossway, blogging, church blogs, christianity, faith blogs, questions

OMG! The Christians are taking over Australian Idol!

Sound the alarm! The Christians are taking over the world… one TV reality show at a time. australian idol, idol, television, christianity, religious bigotry, today tonight, matt corby, daniel mifsud, tarasai vushe, ben mckenzie

What does DK stand for?!

My six-year-old son Jeremy asked me today: “Dad, what does DK stand for?” I replied, “DK stands for Denmark, son.” Jeremy confidently put me in my place: “No it doesn’t, Dad. It stands for Donkey Kong!” …D’oh! humor, homour, country codes, TLDs, children, kids

Did I uncover your credit card details on the web today!?

Today I accidentally uncovered a huge list of people’s names, addresses and credit card details online. No kidding. I found more than that: login details to people’s web hosting accounts and e-commerce site memberships as well. It was really freaky to think it was all just staring at me, thanks to a flukey Google search. […]

Yuvraj Singh thumps six sixes in an over… spectacular!

Check this out! Yuvraj Singh hit a perfect six sixes in one over against England yesterday. A first in Twenty20. Now that’s cricket!! Yuvraj Singh, cricket, India, England, Twenty20

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