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The SEO industry needs to grow up

The more the SEO community gets behind Aaron Wall‘s infantile competition, the more that community proves itself to be professionally suspect and childish. And if I am controversial in saying this, then SEO industry leaders and their disciples really need to take a long hard look at themselves. Aaron’s competition has all the hallmarks of […]

Answer my 30 Questions and then I’ll take you seriously

Funny thing. I’ve been so busy posting (hopefully) useful and educational content on this blog, that I’ve not so much as got around to writing a proper bio, much less weaving a sales pitch into anything! The marketing man in me is screaming: “Where’s the sales pitch?! Where’s the call-to-action?!” And to a degree, that’s […]

Salesletter techniques that suck: JavaScript date/timer hacks

I am not a fan of the long-form salesletter, although my company works with clients who love it, and for good reason: it is proven to work… it makes things sell. And there are the standard array of tricks and techniques that people use on these salesletters… you know the kind: highlighting everywhere, endless bullet […]

Digg and relationship blogging

Today is Australia Day… the equivalent of the 4th of July for my buddies over the ocean. So, I’m chilling out a bit, taking the kids out for the day, and trying to avoid the computer. My wife thinks it’s a miracle if I can go even half a day without checking mint, comments to […]

The real reason nobody reads your blog

Are Digg and Knuttz no longer friends?

Since my post four days ago about the incredible run of Knuttz submissions on Digg, their winning streak has suddenly come to a grinding and painful halt. As I predicted the Jet vs Bird submission did indeed go “popular”, with the attendant flood of fraffic from Digg, but then Mr Knuttz made some changes (I’m […]

ScobleSearch: one-click targeted searching of Robert Scoble’s RSS feeds

If the mythology is accurate, you can’t keep up with Robert Scoble‘s reading and blogging habits. The quickest look in to what Robert has been reading — although an incomplete look at that — is his Link Roll over at Google Reader. Now, that’s not his blog, that’s just an aggregator of interesting blog posts […]

2000 Bloggers: a portable milliondollarhomepage?

Tino had some (serious) spare time on his hands and created the 2000 Bloggers portable online photo wall (my name for it). He put my face in at number 20, which is at least likely to pay off for me with some more click-thrus than Jeremy Zawodny who’s a few hundred faces down… but then, […]

How to get your Adsense account deleted fast

Don’t try this at home kids… One spammy technique to massively increase your Adsense clicks is to arrange thumbnail pictures to the left of a vertical run of Adsense ads, so that at a quick glance the Adsense ads appear (are assumed) to be explanatory text accompanying each image. Make the images eye candy for […]

Why are diggers nuts about Knuttz?

The folks over at have cracked the code on Digg. So listen up, I’m here to explain to you exactly how they do it (well, with one critical missing detail!)… (Now, I have a really busy day today so I want to explain things clearly here, but I’ll need to keep it pretty brief…for […]

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