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Vanity Google search… a lousy first post for 2007!

I am SEO-ing my site for “blog consultant“, so I am regularly checking the progress of that on Google and others, but I also do the occasional vanity search for “alister cameron“, and I noticed today that 9 out of the 10 first-page entries on are related to me 🙂 Of course, my name is no big deal and there aren’t any famous people with my name (except for a UK actor of some little repute), so I can’t boast.

But it shows that one of my SEO strategies is working, and the fruit of it is stuffing Google full of pages from other sites that relate to me and link to my site. Pages with enough PR to rank on page one. Yay for me.

As for “blog consultant”, I am pretty much home and hosed for that. I am not #1, but I am at #3 in Google Australia, and the current #1 site is going stale because the author is writing exclusively for The Age. So I will get there soon enough. It’s a good start after only a month.

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