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SEM Search (the whole enchilada) in one button!

Andy Beard has just launched a new site to promote custom buttons on the latest Google Toolbar. What was his first button? SEM Search, along with Megite’s SEM aggregator.

Man, this is really sexy stuff. I love it!

What Andy’s done is… well, Andy can explain:

Most Google Toolbar buttons are fairly useless. They are based around a single site allowing you to search, and more rarely also include the site’s RSS feed. In most cases after you have installed them, they are rarely used.

This one is a little different

  • Search 300+ top SEO and SEM related sites
  • Discover the hottest news within the industry
  • One button, all you need to know

I chose to use Alister Cameron’s search – it looked nice and he has stated that he will keep it up to date.

Thanks Andy, I appreciate the vote of confidence. And yes, I definitely will keep it up-to-date (and have) — you can just assume it’s always in sync with Lee’s list, coz it is.

Go grab yourself Andy’s custom SEM Search button/option, and enjoy Google’s toolbar enhanced with search engine marketing-focussed search results!

(By the way, you access SEM Search by clicking the down-arrow on the button beside the query input on the toolbar, and selecting the ‘T’ button, which I assume is Andy’s logo for this thing.)

Andy’s introductory post in his blog is here, by the way. And thanks mate. It’s awesome!

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  1. Posted 12 years, 7 months ago // Permalink

    The T button is the Toprank Favicon – that is where it started after all.

    If you click the button, without any search terms, you are taken to the Toprank site – actually directly to the list of sites.

    If you click the button with search terms typed in, if performs a search on your SEM search, and you can also change the search engine with the normal dropdown list if you are doing a lot of searching (but dont forget to change it back later)

    The only benefit for me in this are announcement links. No links to me other than an update link inside the button, and that is direct to the xml.
    Not ideal linkbait, as widgets with followable links offer more link equity as do some plugins (though I didn’t do that on my disclosure one)

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