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How to grow your blog by over 2000 per cent in one month!

This is the post where I spill the beans a little on what I’m doing to grow the profile of my own blog. The fact is, that I am not much of a blog consultant if my own blog is languishing in the sombre shadows of the blogosphere… so a month ago, in mid-December, I […]

Inane things to do when really bored, Part 2

Almost exactly a year ago, I wrote a post on how when I’m really bored I go looking for the longest surname in the phone book. Well, truthfully I don’t have much time for boredom, although I am astonished at how many people do! Check this out… this is the 103bees report on the questions […]

A blog ‘Meme With Meaning’: sponsor someone or something!

There’s a blog meme going around at the moment where you post about 5 things people don’t know about you, and then “tag” five other bloggers you know to post in similar fashion. Fun… but shallow. And that’s OK. But I’d love to see us have a go at a “meme with meaning”. I really […]

SEM Search (the whole enchilada) in one button!

Andy Beard has just launched a new site to promote custom buttons on the latest Google Toolbar. What was his first button? SEM Search, along with Megite’s SEM aggregator. Man, this is really sexy stuff. I love it! What Andy’s done is… well, Andy can explain: Most Google Toolbar buttons are fairly useless. They are […]

Habari needs a logo. My take…

I’m getting excited about Habari. Nothing against my “first love” WordPress, but it’s so exciting to see a new blogging platform “gestating”, especially given the calibre of the former WordPress core team members who have committed themselves to the new venture. So in a moment of right-brain dominance I got creative and threw a logo […]

The Blogging Church, by Brian Bailey with Terry Storch

The UPS man dropped off my advance copy of The Blogging Church about 30 minutes ago. I’m very excited to read this. Unless I am mistaken it’s the first time a mainstream publisher has published a proper book on blogging and Christian ministry. As many will know (or guess), I have a couple of clients […]

Redesign pending: give me your wishlist

I am planning to redesign my site to my very own design. Coz all designers have to and I’ve just been lazy! I plan to attack adsense placement and try to forge some new ground (at least as regards my current efforts). I plan to exploit my ClassyBody plugin to add spice and variety to […]

Preacher in the hand of an angry radio host

Rick Warren cops it from Todd Friel… and if you’re like me you will have no idea who Todd Friel is.   He’s got a show with Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort and together they cane Rick Warren (who they refuse to name, which is ridiculous, since they told you enough about him to figure […]

Lemonfresh loveliness

I love German design. I always have. They do Helvetica so well. Yes, I grew up there and I have warm fuzzy feelings when I hear the language and all that, but honestly, this is a lovely design. Zitrusfrisch means lemonfresh in German, hence the title of this post. I have nothing more to say… […]

SEM Search beats Google

Chris Boggs over at SearchEngineWatch puts SEM Search throught its paces and concludes: My Score: SEM Search 1, Google Search 0 Chris pits SEM Search up against “regular Google” on the phrase “301 redirect”, noting the greater value of SEM Search results, in terms of the relevance of these results to search engine marketers. He […]

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