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February 2007 // Archive

The ultimate example of asking your customers for feedback: Dell IdeaStorm

Dell IdeaStorm, which launched earlier this month, is the ultimate example of Seth Godin-style “take something good, innovate, and make it great” thinking. I love it. In a nutshell, Dell have turned user feedback into an entire social network site, complete with Digg-style voting, memberships, commenting and all that jazz. It’s a master stroke. Now, […]

How to cash in on the ignorance of unfortunate newbie bloggers

I was looking through PRWeb just now and came across this press release that says in part: Easy Blog Ping is a fully automated pinging service that accurately submits blogs to over thirty of the most popular blog search engines. Few pinging services on the market offer a reliable submission solution that actually saves bloggers […]

Digg ignores obscenity and fails in its duty-of-care to teens and young adults

Muhammad Saleem picks up on a post by Rathnavibushana, lamenting the moral wasteland that Digg can sometimes be. Do take the time to read both those posts… they’re worth it. Sadly, I think the phenomenon of blatant and unashamed vulgarity, racism, mysogyny and xenophobia on Digg is in fact a fairly accurate mirror of the […]

My mob making merry

Karen and I and the rugrats were in Daylesford a couple of weekends ago for my brother’s wedding. He and Sharni were married on a train station platform. Yes, really! It was very impressive. What can I say… they’re both theatre/entertainment folk. They really know how to put on a show, and it was wonderful. […]

WPN’s Nicole Eggers is gorgeous. Pity she can’t speak properly.

On the 5th of this month, WebProNews introduced us to their new Video Reporter, a very attractive blonde lass called Nicole Eggers. The folks over at WPN have certainly picked a reporter who’s more than easy on the eye, but unfortunately she’s not easy on the ears. In fact, she’s downright hard to understand. So […]

XML-RPC for blog comments: why the heck not?!

Fairly regularly in the blogosphere you hear people complaining about how few people reading their blog go the next step and leave a comment. I recall that last year, Darren Rowse posted his “10 Techniques to Get More Comments on Your Blog“, linking to a Jakob Nielsen study that found that… In most online communities, […]

Diggers have voted: If you swear you’re not cool, you’re a tool!

In a moment of weirdness I did some research on Digg and came up with a strange fact… Although it’s seen as cool nowadays to drop the F-word into almost everything, there’s one place where this is proven to work against you: Digg stories. I went back through the entire history of Digg submissions and […]

Where’d he go?

People have been contacting me to make sure I’m ok, and I want to assure everyone I am 🙂 I haven’t posted for almost a week, which is very unlike me. So here’s the story in as few words as possible, and as many words as permissible(!)… Last week I filmed as a contestant on […]

Social Media, Blog Rage and the Relational Web

One of the things I spend quite a bit of my time doing is helping clients and prospects understand the difference between a “regular” website and a social network. I spend a lot of my time arguing in favour of “social media”, in the belief that a social media approach is at the heart of […]

The Digg story with zero diggs. What the…?!

I’m over at Digg a lot at the moment. Today, at least. I should be working… instead I’m doing “research”. *wink* Actually, I’m researching for another post I’m brewing… Anyway, check this out. I’ve never seen this before. A digg story with NO votes. As they say in the classics, “WTF?!” I’d be guess this […]

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