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February 2007 // Archive

Lest we forget: the very last Digg Top User list ever published!

Fellow Diggers. The mavericks, the legends, indeed the Jedi of our venerable art will live on, even if their Hall of Fame — the Top Users List — is no more. We can still admire them, love them, aspire to be like them, wonder at their immense productivity… even if we’re not too sure exactly […]

Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for WordPress

I spent a few hours over the weekend further optimizing my blog for the search engines. This stuff is fairly advanced, so please don’t be dismayed if you don’t follow it all. Ask your clarifying questions in the comments and I’ll answer them. Now, I don’t want to suggest that I have done all that […]

Beating the big boys at their own game…

Everyone likes a good David and Goliath story. And I’m no exception. In Australia, rightly or wrongly, Telstra has been the monopoly telecommunications carrier “we love to hate”, which has taken forever to be privatized; and it’s a matter great contention and debate as to how level the playing field is for other service providers. […]

Borat goes totally viral at

Someone actually paid (Australia’s largest real estate listings website) real money to put this ad up! It suggests Borat has moved to Australia and is looking for a female roommate… err cow-milker… err sex slave… actually, it’s anyone’s guess what he wants to do with her. Here’s a preview of the page (click it […]

WordPress Plugin: ClassyBody v1.1 Update

I have updated my ClassyBody WordPress plugin to v1.1 with the addition of ad-hoc custom CSS classes. To recap, my ClassyBody plugin adds contextually intelligent CSS classes to your BODY tag, giving the more high-powered designers out there much greater control of the CSS of a given WordPress page. It automatically adds CSS classes telling […]

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