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March 2007 // Archive

Kuler is cooler for colour schemes

Seems all the big tech companies have to have a “lab” these days. All their products come out with the obligatory “beta” label in small letters beside the product name (yawn) but if you go to the lab you get the really bleeding edge “alpha” stuff… the stuff they used to call beta. Beta being […]

New design, new network, new title, new underwear!

I got to bed at 5am this morning. But I put my head on my pillow knowing I had accomplished what I set out to achieve: a new site design which I can be proud to call my own… not a WordPress theme by someone else. I’ll quickly summarise all the new stuff that’s going […]

I really screwed up and I’m sorry.

Blogging is a strange beast sometimes. I posted a while back about “blog rage” only to personify the spirit of it myself a few days ago with my post about getting others to write blog comments on your behalf. I think I was wrong with pretty much every angle I took with that story, and […]

Facelift in progress… sorry about the mess!

I have been bunkered down for the last 96 hours or so, completely obsessed with a new design for my blog. At first I wasn’t making much progress, but then things started to flow and, well… it’s been pretty full-on since Saturday. In the next few hours I’m going to start the migration from my […]

Another stupid SEO strategy: the filipino link builder who can’t write

Please note: You are welcome to read this post, but please be aware that I have accepted responsibility for the fact that it is inappropriately abusive and not written in the spirit of encouragement and edification which I would have hoped marked all my writing on this blog. I have unreservedly apologised to the targets […]

Celebrate your blog. Get the t-shirt!

One of the many ways you can get some kind of a vaguely useful external measure of the popularity of your blog is from Alexa. They publish traffic rankings data for millions of sites (including, of course, blogs). Looking at my page today (pondering what a crappy week of blogging would look like there), I […]

The best source of free images for your blog posts

I hope there is no debate among my readers that the value of a contextually relevant and visually compelling image in your blog post is massive. I try hard to avoid publishing a story of more than a few paragraphs without including a (hopefully) impressive-looking picture towards the top of the post. A picture does […]

How Darren Rowse can convince Internet marketers to blog

In today’s post, Darren Rowse at Problogger asks: “If you had the attention of 400 internet marketers for an hour and were given the brief to talk to them about blogging – where would you take the session?” It’s a great question, and a great opportunity to lay some important points out on the table. […]

SEM Search updated, as usual!

Folks, a quick post, just in case you weren’t sure… SEM Search is maintained on a weekly basis with the latest additions to Lee Odden’s list over at TopRank. And in case you’re interested, there’s also ScobleSearch, where you can search the same stuff Robert is reading. How does he ever do it?! lee odden, […]

How good a blog writer are you really?? (Here’s a great test.)

Two nights ago I got upset about something and did one of the two curious things I tend to do when I get “hacked off” and want to vent: I wrote a letter to the editor of my local newspaper (in my case the Herald Sun Newspaper). The other thing I do — usually when […]

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