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The 100% guaranteed way to get a front page story on Digg!

This is not a joke. This really works… The 100% guaranteed way to get your story promoted to Digg’s front page (assuring you of 1,000s of visitors in a few hours and the wonderful prospect of server overload) is… Get Kevin Rose to submit it for you. Yes, it’s really THAT simple. You see, Kevin […]

If you don’t have passion and purpose, greater productivity won’t help you!

If what you do with the best hours of your day is not also the thing you’re passionate about, stop right now! Stop right now and confront the cold hard facts for what they are: no amount of effectiveness training, time management skills, productivity tips and tricks or goal setting know-how will replace the critical […]

Blogging in the eye of the storm

WARNING: I was high on caffeine, low on sweetness and off-the-charts on dry wit when I wrote this… My pastor at church writes a short piece on the front of each weekend’s bulletin. This week’s words are particularly penetrating: 35,000 feet above the dusty plains of Pakistan, flying toward the 15 million people of Karachi, […]

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers

Guest blogger Randa Clay is a designer and marketing consultant providing custom web site design, blog design and customization, and logo design. Randa can be found online at her main site, personal blog, and two other niche blogs. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is a mega best seller and has influenced the way many […]

It’s time for Melbourne (AU) bloggers to get together!

Click here to check outThe Melbourne Weblogger Meetup Group! Darren Rowse and I were talking today about the great time he had in Sydney — and more recently in NY — at some blogger meetups. So, it’s time for Melbournians to get together too! If you’re from this neck of the woods and keen to […]

Amazingly simple image editing and hosting with Wiredness

A mentor of mine once said, “The simple is beyond the complex.” What I would add to that is that something that has been simplified down to is core and essential components is a beautiful thing to behold. I feel that way about Wiredness, a new online image editor. Man, this thing is so simple […]

Saying thank you to blog commenters just got a lot easier

If you’re like me you get annoyed with yourself when you know what you should be doing but you see yourself slipping. It’s been like that for me with commenters on my blog. See, if you’ve commented on my blog, I want you to know I really appreciate the effort you’ve gone to, to be […]

How to get on Google’s front page within a few hours. No joke!

About three hours ago, I posted my Case Study on Then, looking at my stats just now I noticed someone coming to my site from a Google India search on the phrase “case study”. And I figured it had to be a glitch in the matrix, because Google a) doesn’t index that fast, as […]

Case Study: How to run a great competition on your blog

As an online marketing consultant with a special interest in blogging, one of the ways I tell my clients they can generate a lot of interest in (and traffic to) their site is to run a competition. A competition can generate masses of good (and free) PR for your site, it can “position” you as […]

When Google forgets about your blog

Last week, for a day or so, Google pretty much forgot about my blog. *gasp* Keywords and keyword phrases that I ranked really well on… well, they just disappeared. And my referral traffic from Google slowed to a pathetic trickle. I was more than a little worried. Yes, I know Google can do weird things […]

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