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The good old days of search

Remember the good old days, when the Search Engine Relationships chart was really interesting?!?! search engines, google, yahoo, alltheweb, live search, lycos, hotbot, aol search, netscape, bruce clay

Sparky – the official Alexa toolbar for Firefox

Sparky was announced yesterday. I installed it and I’m happy and well… yay. Been a long wait. alexa, sparky, firefox, extensions, add-ons, toolbar

Jeff Pulver dumps LinkedIn for Facebook

Jeff Pulver (the VoIP guy) has had enough of LinkedIn and is switching all his social networking efforts to Facebook. I’ve never thought much of LinkedIn (sorry, Des!) and I’m more and more impressed with Facebook, so it’s got me thinking… linkedin, facebook, social networking, pulver

An easier way to dialogue with your blog commenters

I admit it. I suck at dialoguing with my commenters properly. It’s been an interface issue, mostly. But that seems to have been solved. I noticed Liz talking about a WordPress plugin called Better Comments Manager, and I’ve installed it… and it’s working a treat. So expect more dialogue from me in the comments. (This […]

Is it possible to keep your focus but still ‘mix it up’ on your blog?

A few days ago I implemented asides on my blog. These are sometimes called “tumblelog” posts and give me a way to write short pithy posts about this or that. For me it was really important to give these posts a different look on my blog (at least on index pages), so that you the […]

I’m in with Sphinn!

Sphinn is live and humming and attracting all the right people from the SEO/SEM/SMO/SMM worlds. I signed up today, but already had a story of mine with almost the most “sphinns”! And don’t forget to add Sphinn to your Share This WordPress plugin. It’s easy. digg, sphinn, danny sullivan, seo, sem, smo, smm, search engine […]

Linking to Wikipedia is lazy and a disservice to someone else who really deserves the link!

Imagine you’re Google for a moment (I accept that’s not an easy challenge!). Your job is to do the “right” job and fairly and wisely and correctly rank web pages from all across the internet on any given search term. What a job! So you refine, refine, refine and refine some more a funky-as “algorithm” […]

I got flamed for my birthday!

Micah is a 16 year old who think I really really suck. I’m also a snob and an idiot. I’m 38 today… sheesh, I could be his dad!!

Marc Andreessen discovers StumbleUpon.

One of my heros, Marc Andreessen (pretty much the inventor of the web browser) has been blogging for about 5 weeks now. And one of his 11 key blogging discoveries? The extraordinary traffic coming from StumbleUpon. Welcome to the party, Marc! marc andreessen, mosaic, stumbleupon, blogging

A great read on Social Networking and Christian Ministry

Stephen Shields recently wrote a great article on the uptake of online social networking as a community-building and outreach strategy for the local church. It’s a great read. church, leadnet, faith, christianity, facebook, myspace, social networks, social networking, ministry, christian ministry, christian missions, christian outreach, second life

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