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Meg on Blog Karma

Meg over at Blogpond has just completed a great series on Blog Karma and Blogging Benevolence. Four posts in all. Meg’s worth a read on this… she’s one of the most relationally generous bloggers I know. blogging, karma, relationships, relational blogging, networking, benevolence, generosity

Sandbox Theming Tricks: Pure CSS Asides

As you probably know, I’m a fan of Sandbox, the semantically rich WordPress theme for hard-core theme designers. Honestly, I don’t know why theme designers would want to work off anything else… it just rocks. So for my latest example of the cool “Pure CSS” funkiness you can accomplish with Sandbox, I draw your attention to these […]

The firstfruits of Google’s Feedburner acquisition

Urchin was expensive. Then Google purchased it and made it free. Yay! Now Google has made Feedburner PRO free too. And that includes the elegant MyBrand feature, which I’ve just activated. Gotta love it 🙂 feedburner, google, free stuff, acquisitions

A-list blogger vs global brand: blogger wins!

I can’t help but mischievously imagining the fun of being a “fly on the wall” for the ugly conversation between the AT&T CEO and Marketing boss, reflecting on Guy Kawasaki’s recent trashing of their customer service. Can a blogger hurt a major global brand? You better believe it. guy kawasaki, apple, iphone, branding, customer service

A few Pownce invites left…

If you haven’t already got one, I’ve got about four Pownce invites left, if you’re quick! pownce, kevin rose, digg, startups

So long Mosso, hello MediaLayer

I tried so hard to love them… I really did. But this weekend I moved my hosting off Mosso and onto MediaLayer. My summary of Mosso: USD$100/month is way too much to be paying to feel like a “beta-tester”. But one day, when they get their act sorted out, they should be awesome. Here’s hoping. […]

My long-overdue “asides”… at last!

After looking at it on my to-do list for way too long, I’ve implemented asides. You’ll have most likely seen them before. Check out Matt’s blog, as a good example (and the one from which I’ve pretty much copied this look). Asides make it really easy for me to drop short (even one-line) posts in, […]

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