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August 2007 // Archive

Megachurch leaders reap the consequences of choosing Mammon over God

Ah gee. I have no idea who these people are. They’re not part of “my tribe”. But it saddens me terribly. “It became less about God and more about self-promotion,” said a former church administrator. No bloody kidding. megachurch, mammon, idolatry, money, church, divorce, randy white, paula white, without walls, prosperity gospel

Are other Aussies as stuck on this ad as I am?!

Yeah sure, it’s full of cuties having fun in their underwear, but I’d like to hope my addiction to this TV ad has more depth to it than that! I think it’s a combination of the music which is quirky and catchy, the fast editing which gives it great pace, the obvious fun the girls […]

Jeremy Wright gives us a closer look at B5 Media

Jeremy Wright answers John Yau‘s questions and gives us a nice behind-the-scenes look at the B5 Media blog network. b5 media, b5, jeremy wright, darren rowse, problogger, alister cameron

Cheaper Phone and Broadband for Australians

Effective the first of this month I have really cheap home phone and internet! By combining the new Optus Fusion (the $99/mo package) with MyNetFone VoIP, I pay nothing for local/national calls, and the cheapest possible rates for mobiles and internationals. I also get 20Gb/mo cable broadband and a wireless modem thrown in. I’m sure […]

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