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Cheaper Phone and Broadband for Australians

Effective the first of this month I have really cheap home phone and internet! By combining the new Optus Fusion (the $99/mo package) with MyNetFone VoIP, I pay nothing for local/national calls, and the cheapest possible rates for mobiles and internationals. I also get 20Gb/mo cable broadband and a wireless modem thrown in. I’m sure the Japanese do better but this is Australia, and I’m pleased!

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  1. Posted 12 years ago // Permalink

    The Japanese have 100 mbit fibre optic cable internet. 😉 I’d say yeah, they’re doing better – or at least doing whatever they’re doing a lot faster! 😉 hehe

    While I’m here, I wanted to mention this. After spending a few weeks enjoying many of the Do Follow blogs via the RSS feed, I’m in the process of adding a new section to my blog sidebar with links to my favourite reads. You’re one of them. 🙂

    Whenever I add someone to my sidebar, I Stumble their blog, add them to my Technorati favourites, and link to the blog in my weekly wrap up which is done on Sundays. I hope the stumble brings you a bit of traffic and a few new readers. 😉


  2. Posted 12 years ago // Permalink

    Wow, I thought the telecoms were bad up here in Canada. Those bandwidth caps are atrocious! Plus, prices are pretty insane too – you’re looking at $99 for broadband (20GB/month limit) and VOIP phone only?

    Perhaps it’s time I stopped complaining about the situation here in Canada, eh? 😉

  3. Alister Cameron
    Posted 12 years ago // Permalink

    @charlie – this is two different products. The $99 covers the broadband plus unlimited local and interstate landline calls (not cell), and the VoIP is another company, which I use for mobile/cell calls and international. So it’s not too bad!

  4. Posted 9 years, 12 months ago // Permalink

    Japan offers how much bandwidth to consumers?

  5. Ray
    Posted 9 years, 1 month ago // Permalink

    You happy with VoIP company doing mobile? Any probs with them?

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