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Did I uncover your credit card details on the web today!?

Today I accidentally uncovered a huge list of people’s names, addresses and credit card details online. No kidding. I found more than that: login details to people’s web hosting accounts and e-commerce site memberships as well. It was really freaky to think it was all just staring at me, thanks to a flukey Google search. […]

Yuvraj Singh thumps six sixes in an over… spectacular!

Check this out! Yuvraj Singh hit a perfect six sixes in one over against England yesterday. A first in Twenty20. Now that’s cricket!! Yuvraj Singh, cricket, India, England, Twenty20

Identity theft on Facebook

Dare Obasanjo reviews a Sophos press release that reveals what we always knew: social networks like Facebook make identity theft way way too easy. fraud, identity theft, facebook, social networks, social networking, identity fraud, dare obasanjo, alister cameron

BlogRush: the Amway of the Blogosphere

John Reese is the consummate scientific marketer. He’s brilliant. He, of all people, understands the power of good numbers. In his time he’s made millions off very smart online marketing and self-promotion. He has seen first hand that creative and effective marketing to a huge list of qualified leads can yield massive returns. Now, with […]

The WordPress dashboard… another secret source of blog traffic

Here’s a cool “secret source” of blog traffic I discovered some time back… A couple of months ago, I wrote a post and thought it might have been of interest to the readership of Weblog Tools Collection (a very high-traffic site for WordPress coders and plugin junkies). So I emailed Mark Ghosh about it, and […]

Farewell Ultimate Tag Warrior

I’ve spent the last four hours or so upgrading to the latest WordPress (off SVN). I’m now running 2.3 beta2. Thanks to an in-built tagging system, I have done away with UTW , which was running like a dog, due to (known) database issues. I’ve also spent ages checking and updating plugins… many of which […]

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