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February 2008 // Archive

Ray Ozzie, I am disappointed.

This is Ray Ozzie. He’s Microsoft’s Chief Software Architect. I pictured him kind of younger than that… but Microsoft ages you like nothing else. I mean, just look at Steve Ballmer! Anyway, see that link on Ray’s page… top right in the sidebar… yeah, that links to his blog. Click it. You’ve arrived at a […]

Photo Dropper WordPress Plugin – perhaps the easiest way to add images to your blog posts

Photo Dropper is brilliant! It’s a WordPress plugin for adding Flickr photos to your blog posts, and it pretty much does it all for you. Can it get any easier than this?! WordPress, Photo Dropper, Flickr, Flickr plugin, wordpress plugin, photo plugins

Call for Alpha testers for the next-generation WordPress theme

I’ve been talking for months now about the integration of the wonderful Sandbox and the Yahoo User Interface CSS library. Well, I’ve done it. It’s codenamed Vanilla and it’s in “closed Alpha” just for now. But with all things new, I need some people to step up to the mark and help me test it, […]

Watching the suicide of a company in real time… Yazsoft

You’d think a software company would know that the internet changes everything when it comes to respecting your customers. Well, no. Yazsoft is doing it wrong better than anyone I’ve seen in a long time. They won’t recover this lost trust any time soon… or maybe ever. yazsoft, speed download, macheist, internet marketing, reputation mangement, […]

What happened to Upstart Blogger??

One of the best WordPress themers is Upstart Blogger. But where’d he go?! upstart blogger, wordpress themes, themes, blogging

I WILL mark your comments as SPAM!

Warning… if you leave me a mostly meaningless comment with a keyword in the name field, I will hit the SPAM button and Akismet with cause you pain across the entire WordPress install-base. You have been warned. Moreso, if your comment is added to one of my older blog posts with good pagerank, I will […]

Lifehacker doesn’t know about Colibri… and it’s the best!

I’m convinced Colibri is the best equivalent to Quicksilver on the PC. It doesn’t try to be any more or less than just what it needs to be to get the job done well. Yet Lifehacker’s review fails to mention it at all! lifehacker, quicksilver, mac, leopard, colibri, launchy

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