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Frank Arrigo wonders if Ray Ozzie is back in my “good books”… he is!

When I’ve had a really good look at Microsoft’s exciting new Live Mesh I’ll post a proper reply to Aussie Microsofter Frank Arrigo, who wonders if I’m still disappointed with Ray Ozzie… Looks like I have serious reasons to reconsider! It does indeed look like the Groove successor to die for!

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  1. Posted 11 years ago // Permalink

    I have only recently seen youtube being used as a blog, and I found it quite … well, I just never thought youtube could be used as a blog. It’s a nice idea though.

    I’m putting together a little experiment, it’s just in it’s infancy – you can upload a multimedia file to (flv preferred and mp3 preferred, but it can take anything your browser can play).

    The files pop out at, I just need to structure it a little (bit of a free for all), and finally there will be no more shoddy low-res FLV’s for my friends.

    Looking to do a day-by-day v-blog for my friend who’s studying theology in New Zealand, with him detailing what he got out of every day.

    Oh, I met Frank’s niece/nephew things (I’m not good with children), they’re not old enough to blog yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

    (Is this rambling? I hope so)

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