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Disqus is not ready for WordPress

I’m sorry, but as much as I want Disqus (and have installed it for testing) it’s just not ready for WordPress… not until it can import existing WP comments. I’m rather surprised they don’t have that sussed yet. Disappointed, even.


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    Disqus seems to be blazing a trail right now across the net – but anyone who is aware of the benefits of user-generated content. Disqus is really going to damage the ability for comments to impact a site’s keyword density as well as the ‘freshness’ of the content. A simple comment can revive a post in search engine results… but not with a client-side app like Disqus.

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    Douglas, just be aware that Disqus — implemented with the API — does in fact dump HTML code on your blog page. It’s useless if you use JS injection, and I would never promote it if that was the only way. But using the API will have no negative impact on search engine results.

    So a client-side app it is not, if you use the API approach, for which there is a WordPress plugin. But again, despite the positive buzz on Disqus, they can’t import WordPress comments and they have a plugin that they describe as out-of-date.

    Honestly, I think that as every day goes by that they do not fix these two issues, they prove themselves to be strategically way off the mark!!

    A-VC, are you reading this!??!?!?


    Alister Cameron // Blogologist

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    Alister and Douglas,

    I’m reading this. And I agree. How couldn’t I agree? The API plugin is not up to date (to reflect new UI and functionality updates to Disqus) and no, we don’t have full data migration ready. I don’t think it’s because we’re “strategically way off the mark,” I believe it’s because we’re just not done yet.

    It’s a simple answer, but it’s an honest one. We’re not done working on those two things yet. That said, I’m proud of our team (we’re not incapable) but we’re still on the smaller side (there’s two of us, but we’re growing).

    I appreciate the great support we’ve been receiving from bloggers. We’re not ignoring the big issues; we’re just asking for a bit of time to tackle each one appropriately.

    That’s my candid, official/unofficial answer.

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    Have heard about it a few days ago. But a friend of mine was also put off my not being able to import the comments on his blog.

    I think the team behind disqus is aware of this issue, strange though that they still haven’t fixed it yet. Perhaps they’re waiting for someone in the community to come up with a fix after playing with the API long enough.

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    When “evangelist”-types like Sean Reiser and I (Drupal and WP, respectively) have both — in no time at all — seen the great value of Disqus, but have both almost as quickly pulled out of it… you need to understand the important of the “showstopper” we’ve decided the importation issue to be. It’s nothing short of that.

    I’d suggest you need to go back to Fred and whoever else is providing your financial lubricant and make the case that this is something that just MUST be sorted out and fast.

    I don’t know what your API issues are but perhaps you need to look at getting in with Mashery or something… I dunno.

    Finally, I posted some time ago about the Comment Relish plugin and how I use it in a slightly modified way. I’m still to understand the details of Disqus, but I’d also want to see a way that Disqus can be programmed to send me a “formula” thank-you email, which I can adjust and forward to my commenters, thanking them for their contribution, along with some call-to-action on a newsletter signup or somesuch…

    Happy to explain that to you further, and I’d be keen to understand the importation issue a little more fully if there is any help you need from the WordPress developer community… maybe I can help.

    My posting about Disqus at least tells you one thing… people are talking because you’re definitely doing SOMETHING right 😉

    Well done!


    Alister Cameron // Blogologist

  6. Posted 11 years, 1 month ago // Permalink


    I really appreciate the support. Without the support and feedback from bloggers, we couldn’t improve.

    We’re hearing a lot and we will address a lot of the concerns people have.

  7. Posted 11 years, 1 month ago // Permalink

    I see some tricky bits in the “import” old comments.
    How do you decide if an old comment was made by someone who has a disqus account?
    Will disqus automatically merget them based on nickname or email or such similarity? If not, then will disqus send out an email to the commenter that he should check out it on disqus and merge it with his existing account?

    I can see some things that can make the integration pretty bad. I’d rather they do it really well, and then I can keep my old comments in the old format, like I do now.

  8. Posted 11 years ago // Permalink

    The 6 pm news is already all but dead, because if you’re in a place where you can watch TV, you’re probably in a place where you can connect to the internet and read/watch just what you’re interested in. Plus I don’t think all DVR attribute to Nielson ratings.

  9. Posted 10 years, 11 months ago // Permalink

    Been there….done that….believe me…it is unpleasant…Wordpress has some issues that it hasn’t taken care of yet..hopefully, it will al be sorted out soon

  10. Posted 10 years, 10 months ago // Permalink

    If I’ve understood your issue correctly, it’s the same one I put to the developers some time last year; I want to host my own comments and I don’t want them “silo’d” elsewhere…

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