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Mike Guglielmucci, Todd Bentley… repentance starts with the leaders!

In my last post I tried to express the point — which I believe with all my heart — that the senior men of God around a leader who falls must be called to account. I know that’s painful and I know that could sound like a big call from a little guy. On June […]

Will we learn from Pastor Michael Guglielmucci’s fall?

The Christian newswires are abuzz today, because a big earthquake hit Melbourne with its epicentre down at Planetshakers. Michael Guglielmucci confessed that his battle with terminal cancer has all been a lie. Alun Davies immediately suspended his ministerial credentials. Now begins a long and painful exercise of self-examination. And I’m not talking about Michael… that […]

How to fight third world poverty – sponsor a child

I started sponsoring a child in 1990, or maybe ’89… I can’t remember. We can’t solve the world’s problems for everyone, but for what amounts to loose change, you can completely change the world for one child. I’m onto my second child now, after my first grew up and moved into full-time employment(!). Are you […]

Small Business Summit – limited seats!

I’m one of three keynote speakers at this year’s One Sherpa Summit – a small business-focussed one-day event here in Melbourne. I’ll be speaking about innovative marketing strategies, looking especially at what is being done with social media marketing. I spent all day on Facebook yesterday for a major client, for example. What was I […]

The latest social media buzzword: Brandstreaming

Hey corporate marketer… got your head around the latest social media buzzword yet? Brandstreaming!

F U N E X?

When you’re feeling low… The Two Ronnies’ restaurant is the place to go! An old classic 🙂

How to make an online video go viral

Watch this video about making online videos go viral. Then blog about it like this and it too will go viral. Ah, the irony!

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