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September 2008 // Archive

Best quote about the current economic crisis

At the end of another tumultuous day for the markets, this pearler from clutterbells: “Having a garage sale to bail out Wall St. If Congress won’t do it, I will.”

Digg bans Zaibatsu (Reg Saddler)

Digg has banned Zaibatsu (Reg Saddler). This is a big deal. He is up there with MrBabyMan as one of the top 3 diggers of all time. Digg says this is an irreversible decision. But is this not biting the hand that feeds it?! There is more here than we yet understand… Meanwhile, Reg is […]

PETA proposes breast milk ice cream… seriously.

PETA have so lost the plot that they have seriously written to Ben and Jerry’s suggesting human breast milk in their ice cream. As usual, my mate Bill is eloquent on the matter.

Telstra does Twitter – reads like a bot. Yuk.

Telstra is twittering, but it reads like a bot. Don’t they know anything about the social web??

Google’s official last word on “duplicate content penalty”

Google’s official last word on “duplicate content penalty”. Can we call move on now??

WordPress Plugin: CSS Cache Buster

Thanks to Matt for prodding me to take the CSS cache buster code I posted about a couple of days ago, and turn it into a filter. I decided to go one better and make it a plugin, for those who are intimidated by code or just pressed for time. So here’s the current readme, […]

What would you leave WordPress for?

I love WordPress. That’s obvious. I’ve no plans to leave it. But once in a while — with online business blogging/cms criteria in mind — I am so impressed by something that I am tempted. Seriously tempted. Squarespace and GoodBarry are that kind of temptation. What has tempted you?!

Smart cache-busting for your WordPress stylesheet

Is this a frustration you’re familiar with? If you’re like me you mess around with your WordPress CSS stylesheet fairly frequently. It may be just a line here or a few additional characters there, but you’re making changes. However, there’s a problem… every time you make a change to your stylesheet you have to tell […]

My first business card… circa 1990!

I setup in business around 1990… I think. This card was created in CorelDraw, back in the days when neither I nor the software knew much at all about trapping (huh?). People loved that card 🙂 Hey, fellow bloggers… I want to see your first business card too! Or at least the oldest card you […]

Bad day? Don’t take it out on your computer… or else!

This looks like another one of those videos where a douche-bag dweeb takes his frustrations out on his computer… or is it? (Note to computer abusers… lay off the hardware, will ya? It’s almost always a software problem. It would be like curing a headache with a baseball bat instead of Ibuprofen. Nuts!)

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