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October 2008 // Archive

Victorian Government abuses a child to save a smoker?

Happy to be told I’m making something out of nothing, but this video disturbs me. It’s a television ad, currently airing in Victoria, Australia, as part of a Government anti-smoking campaign. Until the end you have no idea what it’s promoting, and frankly, it could have been anti-speeding, anti-unsafe-sex, anti-anything. But my point is, there […]

Looking for a PR writer/blogger to join my team

In case you didn’t know, I’m the CEO of Australis Media, and we’re hiring.

Internet Marketing Masterminds – get in quick!

I’m delighted to announce that after much planning and development, my business partner Ben and I have started promoting our Internet Marketing Masterminds course. Here’s a quick word of introduction about it from me: The full course outline, benefits and ordering information are on my company site: I’m expecting this mastermind group to take […]

The Federal Reserve System has some explaining to do…

The real reason for the financial mess we’re in.

How much is your blog worth? This one just sold for $15 Million!

Ever wondered what your blog might be worth? This one just sold for $15 Million. (And a WordPress blog too!) Wow!

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