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January 2009 // Archive

Obama campaign turned Joe Average into a campaigning pro!

“The Obama campaign leveraged all the tools of social media to give ordinary Americans access to resources usually reserved for professional campaign operatives.” Genius!

Twitter homepage design competition closes. More prizes. Great examples!

The Christmas/New Year break was, in hindsight, not the best time to organize this competition… but never mind! The prizes are still awesome, and the quality of submissions has been really excellent. So we’re into Phase Two (no more submissions will now be accepted) and Guy Kawasaki will receive the list of ten finalists shortly. […]

If Intense Debate was worth buying…

If Intense Debate was worth purchasing, why, months later, do barely any Automattic staff blogs use it?

Vanilla Theme for WordPress reaches “developer alpha” stage…

I’ve had a massive two weeks since Christmas, working feverishly on Vanilla and it’s at the stage where I need the help of hard-core WordPress devs to polish it up for a public beta. Links to the Git repository and discussion group are here.

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