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December 2009 // Archive

My Twitter account has been suspended!

Awoke this morning to the discovery that Twitter suspended my account overnight. I’ve sent the relevant appeals out, so stand by for more details. Worried.

WordPress plugin: Add Categories to Menu

If you’re using WordPress as a CMS, you may have set up static pages for both a front page (e.g. “Home”) and a page to list your latest blog posts (e.g. “Blog”). I did that today for a client site and immediately realized that in the site’s main menu the Blog link would look a […]

Hope your Holiday Season is a total GAS!

This is all the more comical for the fact that it is hot, sunny and summery in Australia at Christmas time. If you don’t like the humour, blame my wife! We’re all class! And for something vaguely more traditional, again by the inimitable Cameron troupe… On a more serious note, may you find at least […]

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