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WordPress Loader – A much faster and easier way to get it up there!

If you’re like me, getting WordPress loaded onto a webserver for the first time is a pain.

Some hosting companies use Fantastico, or some other automated way to get the WordPress code uploaded and unzipped on the server, but many don’t. Mine doesn’t.

So what people like me have to do is download the ZIP file from and unzip it; then using an FTP program, upload all the individual files (and there are many… over 9Mb and over 800 files!) up to the web server. And one of the joys (not!) of FTP is that it’s as slow as a wet week.

Even on a fast broadband connection it can easily take close to 20 minutes to get all the WordPress code up on the server. Frustrating as heck if you do a lot of WordPress sites.

There had to be a better way. So I created it.

WordPress Loader is a single 66Kb file that you upload to the directory on the web server where you want WordPress to be installed. Upload the file, view it in your web browser, click the button you’ll find there… and, hey presto, the latest and greatest version of WordPress will be loaded and unzipped for you (in about five seconds!).

Download WordPress Loader Now! (11kb ZIP file)

Of course, you will still need to setup your MySQL database and your wp-config.php file… I can’t do everything for you!

(A technical note: I’ve included most of the pclzip library, which handles the unzipping. Sure, some hosts configure PHP for zip support, but many don’t.)

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    Great blog!

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