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Read this before you buy that next thing!

Here’s a trend you’ll start to feel the effect of soon: collaborative consumption. It’s based on a really simple but powerful (nay, paradigm-shifting!) idea: you don’t need to own things to get value out of them! As expert Rachel Botsman challenges, “Why buy the drill when all you need is the hole?” Think about it: […]

Are you really in control?

I’m reading through a Pew Research report titled “Millennials will benefit and suffer due to their hyperconnected lives”. It’s fascinating reading. Only five pages in, and I was struck by this paragraph, which has been percolating in my head ever since, and which I encourage you to read thoughtfully… “There will be a premium on […]

Do you want to build a business, or start a movement??

Had a lot on my mind, lately. In short, I think many of us are at a tipping point… As a Christian, I’m going to start with a theological point. If you’re an atheist, skip this paragraph! Humans are created in the image of a trinitarian God, to be community-oriented, and to favour experiences that […]

A new blog design for a new year!

It won’t land January 1, but I’m looking to redesign this blog. I want it to be simpler, cleaner, more… 2013-ish! Keen to know what people like about the current design, if some things should be retained. Let me know in the comments 🙂

Obama and “Big Data”

If we were not in the age of “Big Data” who would have won the 2012 US elections? No idea. We’ll never know. Undoubtedly, the Obama team benefitted from some of the smartest propeller-heads on the planet who worked tirelessly to crunch numbers in ways we would have thought impossible even during the previous elections […]

Head of Digital at World Vision Australia

I’ve been slack on the blog, since taking up my new role as Head of Digital at World Vision Australia. It’s just pretty full on in the “first 100 days”, but I’m working on it! What would you like me to blog about?!

My prediction for 2012 and beyond: gamification of the entire social web

I’ve been “fiddling” (as I do) with Empire Avenue and Klout lately. These are two very different attempts at measuring a person’s online influence and authority. If I’m not careful I can spend up to 30 minutes a day on Empire Avenue and I check my Klout most days. Empire Avenue is far more elaborate […]

Content curation: computers and humans creating collaborative intelligence

We don’t have a problem of “information overload”… we have a problem of “filter failure”. And even as you’re reading this massive money is being spent to create better filters. And the best filters are those which allow humans and computers to both do what they do best… in a new thing called “collaborative intelligence”. […]

Empire Avenue has me hooked!

I’ve just connected up to Empire Avenue and it’s proving very addictive. If you have a strong social media profile you’re gonna love it! If you don’t… it will challenge you!! Give it a look-see and let me know what you think 🙂

Three solid, clean HTML5 WordPress “starting” themes to build off…

I’ve found three pretty funky and super clean HTML5 WordPress themes that you can use as the starting-point of your own WordPress theme/design. They are Constellation, HTML5Reset and Roots. Have you found anything better out there? Please drop a comment and let me and other know…

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