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ScobleSearch: Search the stuff that Scoble is reading!

Enter a search term below to search the almost 600 blogs and websites in Robert Scoble‘s newsreader:

See what Scoble sees…

This search engine exclusively searches the almost 600 blogs and websites in Robert Scoble’s Bloglines account. So if you’ve ever wondered what it would take to keep up with the man, I have no idea! But I do know how you can at least be reading the same blogs he does… right here with ScobleSearch.

Want ScobleSearch on your own site? Easy!

ScobleSearch is powered by Google and if you know how to copy and page HTML code, you’ve got what it takes to add ScobleSearch to your own site. Simply copy and paste the exact code below (in its entirety) onto your page:

(If you see any opening or closing P tags, they shouldn’t be there. WordPress keeps adding them in, and I’m still trying to work out how to get rid of them…)

Want ScobleSearch integrated into your browser?

Andy Beard has created another very cool Google Toolbar button, which beautifully integrates ScobleSearch directly into your browser. It really couldn’t be easier to search Scoble, could it?!

ScobleSearch Toolbar Button

What sites does ScobleSearch include in its search results?

ScobleSearch searches a limited index of the almost 600 blogs and sites listed in Robert Scoble’s Bloglines account. I will aim to check this on a weekly basis and keep ScobleSearch up-to-date with this list.

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