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Search Engine Marketing Search Engine!

Enter a search term below to search an exclusive list of the top 260+ Search Engine Marketing blogs, as chosen by Lee Odden of TopRank Online Marketing:

The Search Engine Marketing Search Engine Explained…

Thanks to Lee Odden for releasing his OPML file of top Search Marketing Blogs. It’s a very generous act on Lee’s part and, no doubt, great and deserving link-bait for his site.

In thinking through how that list would be most valuable to me personally, I first off — like everyone else — imported the feeds into my newsreader. But then I thought, I’d just as much love to be able to search those blogs, and not only the blogs themselves, but the rest of the (most certainly) good content on those sites (many of which are much more than just a blog).

So with a little help from Google, I created the Search Engine Marketing Search Engine! (Insert imaginary sounds of drumroll and orchestral fanfare here.)

Want SEM Search on your own site? Easy!

SEM Search is powered by Google and if you know how to copy and page HTML code, you’ve got what it takes to add SEM Search to your own site. Simply copy and paste the exact code below (in its entirety) onto your page:

(If you see a P tag, it shouldn’t be there. WordPress keeps adding it in, and I’m not sure how to get rid of it at this moment…)

What sites does SEM Search include in its search results?

That’s Lee Odden’s decision, and his alone. All I am doing is maintaining the list of included sites to stay up-to-date with Lee’s list. (To the degree that until Lee decides he likes my own site, I’ve not even included that. So don’t come asking me to get included!)

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